WBA Fan Misery Index

The Fan Misery Index is all for fun. The scores were calculated based on overall team success and depth achieved in the playoffs. The higher the score, the more miserable the fan base. The lower the score, the more consistent success the team has achieved. Four teams have not made the playoffs during the current 6 season history…and it is no surprise which team has the least miserable fans.

Team Overall
Bloods 60 6 straight seasons without a single playoff appearance. This team
has only exceeded 20 wins twice, with a high of 24. This season isn’t
looking much better, as the Bloods currently sit at 3-24. Bloods fans
cheer for the free t-shirts and hot dogs, but not much else.
Fury 60 Having never made the playoffs over the course of six seasons, Fury
fans are best described as being full of…fury. They are angry people.
After some offseason moves, and sitting at 10-13, the Fury are still in
the hunt to make the playoffs and the fan base is hopeful that player
development will finally get this team to the playoffs. Rumor has it
that they may even change the team name from the Fury to the
Frankfurt Calm once that happens.
Gargoyles 60 Six seasons, no playoffs. The greatest win total was 33 in 2013.
Currently at 3-22, the 2019 season doesn’t appear to be the one to
break that team record. Fans have been known to literally throw
stone gargoyles, and many can be seen around Los Angeles with bags
over their heads. Even the old churches in town are ashamed of their
historical architecture.
Warriors 60 One of the few teams to have not made the playoffs in the last six
seasons, the Warriors fans had some high hopes for this season. A 14-
13 start isn’t exactly what was expected, but is far from playoff
elimination. And, with only one season exceeding 30 wins, they are
on pace to break that record.
Hitmen 45 5 straight seasons missing the playoffs. Fans have come to expect
very little from this team. You would think that Hitmen would have
good aim, but shooting percentage is not a strong point for these
Hitmen. The story is told that more half-court shots by drunk fans
were made in one season than three-point shots by the team.
Pirates 45 These fans are approaching the end of the plank. Five consecutive
seasons ending early. The 2019 season has had a very promising
start, at 17-8. If something would happen to keep this team from the
playoffs, after the fans have envisioned success, don’t expect many
to be left to push away.
Rainmakers 45 Let it rain! Losses that is. A single playoff appearance last season
had fans feeling less depressed, but a 10-19 start to 2019 has
brought back reality. As if there wasn’t enough moisture already in
Seattle, the tears that these fans have shed could be raising sea
Snow Bears 45 What is a snow bear anyway? Are they real? Are they scary? I
thought maybe it was a kind of Care Bear. I had to google it and
apparently they are native to Westeros. While instantly making them
a more cool mascot, it unfortunately doesn’t make them any better
at basketball. It has been a long winter for these fans, but a 17-10
start is very promising.
Devils 25 Two straight seasons in the playoffs, the second of which went to the
second round, had Devils fans feeling good. But the very next
season, the team dropped their win total by 50 and ended at only 5
wins. The last few seasons have seen the win total on the rise, but
the 2019 season has not been kind so far. At 9-17, these fans may
feel like they’re in hell.
Counts 20 After four straight seasons of missing the playoffs, the Counts have
had back to back years reaching round 2. After 26 games, this season
appears as if that streak will end, as their record is 10-16. Unless
something changes, you can Counts them out this season, and the
fans’ misery will only worsen.
Burning Hell 15 The Burning Hell are on a cycle, missed playoffs followed by a round
1 exit. For six seasons, that cycle has been consistent. Routinely
around 40-45 wins, the Burning Hell had one really bad season with
only 10 wins before rebounding to improve by 30 games the next
season. With a stacked lineup, this season is looking very promising
for the Burning Hell, as they currently sit at 20-6, on pace for their
best record ever. Will this be the season that they advance past the
first round?
Fugu 15 Reaching round one in three of six seasons means this fan base isn’t
the most miserable. After back to back seasons of missing the
playoffs, fans were hopeful to get back this season. Starting 12-14,
the Fugu are in the hunt for a playoff spot. Finally the fans may be
able to stop yelling at the coach ” What the fugu doing?!?”
Hellcats 10 Three seasons in the playoffs and three out. Only one year reached
the second round. At 14-12, the playoffs are once again well within
reach, and fans will be eager to see how far their team can go.
Historically, they have played more like Hellkittens when it matters.
Fanatics 5 Three straight seasons of making the playoffs, followed by three
straight seasons staying home, Fanatics fans are maybe impatient,
but not the most deprived of success. At 13-12 to begin the 2019
season, there is a real chance that this could be the year that the
Fanatics make it back to the playoffs. Some young talent should
certainly make a Fanatics fanatic feel fanatical about the future.
Honey Bees 0 Remember hearing that Honey Bees were on the verge of extinction?
And then hearing that they appeared to be making a comback? Well,
fans feared that their Honey Bees were becoming irrelevent, missing
the playoffs in three of four seasons. But don’t sleep on Honey
Bees…With a current record of 20-9, the Bees are swarming.
Dragons -5 The Dragons have had moderate success, with four playoff
appearances – one of which made it to the second round. It’s a rough
season for the Dragons, with only 5 wins through 25 games. Anyone
who has seen Game of Thrones knows that Dragons can make a
comeback… This fan base is hoping that that proves true and that
they don’t have to wait for winter.
Gamblers -5 Not the most miserable, but not the happiest of people either.
Playoffs in four of six seasons, but only once in the second round.
Let’s be real, fans aren’t going to Vegas to watch this basketball
team. They go to Vegas to bet on how badly the team will let their
fan base down. This season has had a promising start at 18-9, but
the best odds show a first round playoff exit. Despite a decent
record, ticket sales still aren’t at 100% as traveling fans lose their
money at the casino across the street. What happens in Vegas, stays
in Vegas.
Pioneers -5 Colorado fans are high on their Pioneers. Round 1, Round 2,
Conference Finals…that is the last three seasons for the Pioneers. If
that trend continues, we should all be expecting them in the WBA
Finals. An 18-9 start appears as though they are well on their way.
Xtreme -5 Back to back seasons missing the playoffs aren’t the big deal…it is the
reduction in wins by 26 to only 18 last season that is extreme. It is
obvious that these fans are wanting more and want to see the
Xtreme back in the playoffs. At 12-15, the season is on the edge.
Perhaps a playoff push wasn’t in the cards this season.
Disco -10 Disco fans sure had a good run back in the day. Playoffs in four of six
seasons, with two reaching the second round, they never felt more
alive. A rough 5-21 start to the 2019 season may just prove that
Disco is dead.
Massacre -20 Making the playoffs in five of six seasons is far from misery. Having
only made it past the first round one time is the sole source of
disgust amongst Massacre fans. A promising 18-7 start has this fan
base picturing this team slicing through the playoffs.
Mayhem -35 A season removed from the WBA finals, the Mayhem have been a
common participant in the postseason. 5 straight trips to the
playoffs, and an 18-10 start to the 2019 season has the fans in Milan
expecting an encore trip to the finals. The rest of the league needs
Allstate to help protect from this Mayhem…
-50 The Fighting Cocks have had their fair share of success, making the
playoffs in all six seasons. Back to back seasons with 66 wins has the
fans feeling hopeful that this could be the year that they make the
WBA finals. At 25-3, they are well on their way and it may be finals
or bust. A weak, season-ending letdown and these fans may petition
to change the name of the fighting boneless chicken wings to “saucey
Blues -60 The Blues have proven to be consistent in reaching the postseason. 1
trip to the conference finals and 3 trips to the second round have
kept this fan base entertained, but while they may not be miserable
from overall team performance, their only misery results from having
a taste of success without reaching the WBA finals. Having exceeded
50 wins in 4 of 6 seasons, this current season could potentially be the
worst for the Blues since 2013.
Dinos -65 Despite some recent struggles, the history of the Dinos runs pretty
deep. From 2014-2016, the Dinos reached the WBA Finals in three
straight seasons. Fans enjoyed the sustained success, but with a
record of 11-15 to begin the 2019 season these Dinos may become
Firestorm -70 Firestorm fans have something that very few others around the
league have – a team that has a championship. After missing the
playoffs in 2013, the Firestorm rebounded to win the championship
the following season, and then proceeded to make the conference
finals the year after that. Injuries have led to a 12-14 start to the
2019 season, but don’t expect to see many fans feeling sorry for a
former champion.
Giants -70 Despite having never won a championship, the Giants are well
experienced in the playoffs. Conference finals in 2013 and 2018, with
1st or 2nd round exits in between. This fan base has been treated to
a consistent level of success that few others have experienced.
While hoping that the team would take one GIANT leap and make the
WBA finals, this season appears more like a step in the wrong
direction with a 13-16 record.
Outlaws -70 The first time the Outlaws reached the WBA finals, they followed it
up with a first round exit and then a season of missing the playoffs.
In 2016, the Outlaws made their second WBA finals and followed that
performance with a first round exit in the following season. Will the
2019 season result in missing the playoffs??? Certainly the fans are
hoping that the 15-12 start will take a turn for the better.
Zulus -85 Three trips to the conference finals and three other seasons ending
in the playoffs means the Zulus fans have been appeased. Winning is
an expectation and that expectation has been met with consistency.
All good things are eventually taken for granted, and Zulus fans are
beginning to expect the team to take the next step. A 12-16 start to
the 2019 season is the exact opposite of those hopes.
Rage -220 Screw their fans and their happiness. How’s that for Rage 🙂


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