2020 Free agency Top 20

by Timmy Frenchie

Although there are many big names in this year’s free agency class, most of them are expected to re-sign with their original team. Let us hope there will still be a few surprises. A ranking summary is available at the end of this article. The ranking is based on a combination of skills and attention this player should get this free agency. I am adding the estimated new salary in this edition. Since more than 10 teams should have 25 millions or more to spend in free agency, expect lots a huge contracts this summer.


Big men (Power forward & Centers)

Clément Trentesols. 6-9. 261 lbs. Age: 29

The big man from France has already won almost every honor in his short 4-year WBA career. ROY, All-Star, All-league first team, All-defensive first team. Only a championship trophy is missing on that list. And that is what is aiming for next. As loyal as you can get, expect Clement to re-sign with the Cancun Outlaws, hoping the GM will put all the pieces together to be a championship contender for years to come. Please note that estimating Trentesols future salary is a little tricky. He is a foreigner who just ended his rookie contract. First contract after the rookie one are usually maxed at a certain level but since he is already 29 years old, I do not really know how it will play out. One thing for sure, Trentesols will get the maximum contract allowed.

Estimated new salary: 135 millions over 5 years


Ryan Rogers. 6-11. 282 lbs. Age: 29

After Trentesols, there is no doubt who is the best big man in this free agency class. Rogers is an excellent rebounder as he ranked 2nd overall last season. He also ranked 2nd in blocks showing how great a defender he is too. As valuable big men are, there is no doubt that Rogers will sign a substancial contract this off-season. Hellcats are in great shape financially to re-sign him, but they will have to offer a contract over 115 millions if they want him back.

Estimated new salary: 115 millions over 5 years


Senecca Redd. 7-0. 252 lbs. Age: 29

Redd is an established defensive force in this league, and he finished 8th in blocks this season. He is also an adequate scorer and rebounder. Redd might not see the same kind of contract he previously had (he was paid 15.5 millions last season), but he should get some decent multiple year offers as good big man are a rarity these days.

Estimated new salary: 40 millions over 3 years


Humberto Saez. 7-3. 299 lbs. Age: 24

Humberto game’s is not flashy, but he gets the job done. With an average of 13 pts and 8 rebounds per game with efficient FG%, Saez deserved a starting role in this league. Since this big man is very loyal and since he is already playing for a competitive and established team in Capetown, there is no reason he should sign elsewhere.

Estimated new salary: 62 millions over 5 years


Lane Saunders. 6-9. 256 lbs. Age: 28

It’s a little shocking to see his name on that list, but Lane just finished the best season of his career after signing that one year deal with the Honeybees. He had a great opportunity to show what he can do, posting 23 points and 7 rebounds with very efficient FG%. This kind of production in a contract year usually results in a lucrative contract in free agency. Although Saunders may have overachieved last season because of optimal conditions, he should be paid much more than a minimum contract next season.

Estimated new salary: 20 millions over 3 years


Small forwards

Dan Kincaide. 6-9. 238 lbs. Age: 29

Kincaide has already played for 6 different teams since he arrived in the league in 2012. Dan excels in every aspect of the game, but his stamina and conditioning does not allow him to play more than 30 minutes per game. Albacete GM Pedro Alcaraz gave a lot to acquire him in his last contract year, so expect him to put a huge amount of cash on the table to keep him. And he probably will retain his services.

Estimated new salary: 130 millions over 5 years


Chris Dao. 6-9. 204 lbs. Age: 25

Dao has really blossomed in the playoffs last year and has reached superstar status this season. A natural scorer, he had 24 points per game while shooting 58% last season. And things should get even better as Chris has not even reached his potential yet. At his age, he should receive much attention this summer. We still expect him to re-sign in Mexico, a young and up-coming team.

Estimated new salary: 110 millions over 5 years


Demarcus Walton. 6-7. 225 lbs. Age: 22

Walton has not lived to his potential thus far. Selected with the 3rd overall picks 4 years ago, more is expected from him. Maybe the fact that SLC sent him back to the D-league after two years playing pro did not help him. Maybe it is the fact that he was surrounded by other prospects and left without some veteran leadership. Anyway, Walton just concluded the best season of his young career and showed that he could score efficiently with the pros. Will he still be in SLC next season?

Estimated new salary: 80 millions over 5 years


Walt Jackson. 6-7. 222 lbs. Age: 32

Gone are the days that Walt scored 25 points per game. While at his peak playing in Toronto a few years ago, Jackson led his team to 3 straight Finals appearances. He has been very reliable playing for Kansas City the last 3 years, and his playmaking skills have developed as his increased A/T ratio shows. But his scoring is down as his FG%, tendencies that should continue over the next few years. Teams that bet tons of money on him should do it to get instant and short-term benefits.

Estimated new salary: 45 millions over 2 years


Pat London. 6-6. 222 lbs. Age: 29

After spending successful years with the Dinos, Pat signed a 3 year-deal with the Rainmakers. Pat can not wait for this contract to end. He wants to play for a contender next season, and Seattle will not be one. With a versatile skill set and a winning attitude, Pat should have no trouble finding a new home among the league’s best teams.

Estimated new salary: 25 millions over 2 years


Stephen Harrelson. 6-6. 259 lbs. Age: 24

Even though Harrelson played the power forward position for the Pirates, this 6’6’’ player would be better suited to play small forward. Stephen has good scoring abilities, and he is a gifted defender on the perimeter. He also has a knack for the ball, particularly on the offensive glass. A poor stamina limits his overall impact on a game thought. Look for Harrelson to find a new niche this summer, as some teams might overpay to sign this young player entering his prime.

Estimated new salary: 60 millions over 5 years


Shooting guards

Mario Bailey. 6-5. 208 lbs. Age: 32

This WBA legend needs no introduction. After winning 6 championships, it seems Mario has nothing left to prove anymore. Even though Bailey is 32 years old, his game shows no sign of decline yet. It seems that this future Hall of Famer will get one massive contract before retiring in the sunset. Expect Bailey to get richer of more than 150$ million this summer.

Estimated new salary: 150 millions over 5 years


Ajan Estay. 6-3. 216 lbs. Age: 28

Estay can do it all in terms of scoring, passing and rebounding. His defense is also adequate. He has been playing on some bad teams for a few years now, and he might be getting tired of it. The next contract he signed should be his most lucrative one, but destination could be a factor he prioritizes. The Firestorm are one big mess right now and I do not think he will want to be part of it anymore.

Estimated new salary: 120 millions over 5 years


Rufus Castellano. 6-5. 217 lbs. Age: 24

After spending the first 3 years of his career in Las Vegas, Castellano was traded to the Miami this off-season. He sustained the same level of play in both cities; High volume shooter who can score from anywhere on the floor with very decent efficiency. He is also a decent passer and a very strong offensive rebounder for his size.  Rufus could be moving to another city this summer unless Miami offers him a massive contract to keep him.

Estimated new salary: 70 millions over 5 years


Point guards

Alston Irving. 6-0. 170 lbs. Age: 23

Irving showed some a nice progression statistically this season, but he also showed that he can lead a team winning ballgames. Only 23, his playmaking and defensive skills are already considered elite. It will be interesting to see where Irving wants to play next year. The status quo is an interesting option, Salt Lake City has multiples prospects and they were much improved this season. But the first 3 years he spent there have been chaotic and you have to wonder if a fresh start could be a good thing for him…

Estimated new salary: 90 millions over 5 years


Ira Redwine. 6-3. 198 lbs. Age: 27

Redwine is an efficient a reliable point guard producing close to 20 points and 7 assists per game. He does not get much press, but he can get the job done. Ira has stayed with the same team his entire career, so why would he choose to play somewhere else now? Even if he receives some lucrative offers, Ira is going to be back playing in Barcelona when season starts. And a lot richer too.

Estimated new salary: 120 millions over 5 years


Vester Friedrich. 6-3. 201 lbs. Age: 28

Friedrich’s game really blossomed in his first season in Las Vegas. He improved his scoring by 5 points while improving on his FG%. Listed as a point guard, he could also be a very productive shooting guard with his shooting and perimeter defensive skills. Since the Gamblers cannot seem to get to the next level and become an elite team, I would not be surprised to see the German take his talent elsewhere.

Estimated new salary: 120 millions over 5 years


Casey Pointer. 6-4. 216 lbs. Age: 29

With Pointer on board, Boston had their best season of the modern day WBA. Not only he is giving you 22 points and 6 assists, but he is also producing 8 board per game. In fact, he is the best rebounding guard in the entire league. Casey is about to cash out with the biggest contract of his career. Let us mention that he was paid 22.8 millions last season, so next one total should be even better. Show me the money!

Estimated new salary: 120 millions over 5 years


Shermar Mahara. 6-0. 210 lbs. Age: 29

Mahara still looked on top of his game this season has he produced stellar numbers for his new team. Another risky acquisition made by Albacete management as Shermar was in his contract year. As for his teammates Kincaide, Mahara should received a lucrative offer to retain his services in Albacete. If not, Shermar could be packing his bags soon.

Estimated new salary: 110 millions over 5 years


Jesse Szcygiel. 5-4. 185 lbs. Age: 30

Jesse may be a small player but he has made such an impact in the pros. He still got it going at 30 years of age; he has been named to all-defensive first team for the last 2 seasons and to the all-star team last year. Along with elite defensive skills, he can score from anywhere on the floor and has good passing skills. Having just finish a career year efficiency wise, expect Szcygiel to sign one last lucrative contract.

Estimated new salary: 50 millions over 4 years


Top 20 free agent summary

Power Forwards / Centers

Clement Trentesols
Ryan Rogers
Senecca Redd
Humberto Saez
Lane Saunders

Small Forwards

Dan Kincaide
Chris Dao
Demarcus Walton
Walt Jackson
Pat London
Stephen Harrelson

Shooting Guards

Mario Bailey
Ajan Estay
Rufus Castellano

Point Guards

Alston Irving
Ira Redwine
Vester Friedrich
Casey Pointer
Shermar Mahara
Jesse Szcygiel

Good luck everyone!

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