2021 WBA Finals predictions

by Timmy Frenchie

Brooklyn Rage vs Paris Honey Bees

(Paris won season series 2-0)

History repeats itself. At least in the World Conference finals. Paris still looked unshakeable against Albacete as they swept them for the second season in a row. They won this series averaging 11 more points per game than their opponent, showing the world how dominant the Honey Bees are. It is not all bad for the Burning Hell, as all key players are still young and could improve significantly over the next few seasons. But since the Honey Bees are also stacked with young guys who are a few steps away from stardom, you have to wonder how this Albacete squad could find a way to win a series against Paris in the foreseeable future. Even if we are accustomed to this kind of performance, we have to mention that Jervan Timmons was amazing once again, averaging 15 points, 15 assists, 9 rebounds, and 5 steals for the series.

Brooklyn taking a commanding 3-0 lead in the USA Conference Finals was somewhat surprising and certainly disappointing. Many experts predicted that the Rage would fall to the Fighting Cocks in 6 or 7 games. Hassan Watt’s injury was a big blow to California but so was Jarius Miles going down for the defending champs. It seems experience and poise were decisive factors in this series as the Rage were able to win two close games (by 2 and 3 points). Mario Bailey continued to showcase superhuman skills and show no signs of slowing down.

Now it’s Paris’s time to face their demons. After getting swept in the Finals last season, they are back with the same goal in mind. Win the championship. But this time they are more prepared. Eberle has blossomed in his second year and he is now a dominant force inside. Whitlock and Mason have upgraded their skills another year in the D-league and are now ready to impact the game in a positive way even in limited playing time. Having the best record in the WBA this season, Paris will host the WBA Finals’ first 2 games where they could take control of the series. Paris has won both matchups against Brooklyn in the regular season.

On the other hand, Jarius Miles could be back on the court as soon as game 2 of the series. And Brooklyn has overcome all hurdles in their path to the WBA Finals without too much sweat thus far. Regular season series results seem meaningless at this point since Brooklyn dominated against Boston and California in the previous rounds after having much trouble against them when games don’t really count. I would not be that surprised if Brooklyn were to win the next 4 games, but I do hope a wind of change is about to blow over all the WBA.

Prediction: Paris over Brooklyn in 6

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