2021 Free agency Top 20

by Timmy Frenchie

This year’s free-agent class will be ranked in different categories whatever the position they are playing. A ranking summary is available at the end of this article. The ranking is based on the total contract value that this player should sign in the upcoming free agency period. Included also is the estimated new salary which could help general managers preparing their lucrative offers.


One of a kind

Jervan Timmons. Point Guard. 6-2. 182 lbs. Age: 27

By far the best player available in free agency. He is also the best player in the entire league. Reigning regular-season MVP. Reigning WBA champion and Finals MVP. His combination of handling, passing, perimeter defense, and steals is unmatched in WBA history. Jervan should stay in Paris but look for him to get a humongous contract.

Estimated new salary: 135 million over 5 years


The Max Club

Frank Mathieu. Power Forward. 7-0. 301 lbs. Age: 23

The best inside scorer of this free agency class. Can shoot 70% from the paint. He’s also the best defensive rebounder available. A no-brainer for a maximum contract. The Warriors should be able to retain his services for the next 5 years.

Estimated new salary: 90 million over 5 years


Hamilton Robins. Center 6-10. 271 lbs. Age: 24

Robins can produce very solid numbers across the board, around 15 points and 10 rebounds. But an injury in these last playoffs may slow down his progression. The Counts can’t afford to lose him as they really need his help inside. And Hamilton likes his role there so he should stay put.

Estimated new salary: 90 million over 5 years


Timing is everything

Vitor Morales. Shooting Guard. 6-6. 236 lbs. Age: 27

Vitor has great all-around skills. He can score, pass, rebound and defend. But he doesn’t excel at any of it. His shooting efficiency also let to be desired, as his true shooting percentage of 49% shows. Still, surrounded by good to great players, Morales could be a valuable asset that makes a team better. But how much money will general managers be willing to spend for a very good glue guy?

Estimated new salary: 90 million over 5 years


Michael Kramer. 6-4. Shooting Guard. 204 lbs. Age: 27

Will Kramer follow the footsteps of his ex-teammate Ajan Estay and leave the Big apple? Michael’s top priority is to play for a winner, and New York might need a few seasons to become that. After bouncing around the league since his arrival 7 years ago, a little stability could help him find happiness too. Kramer is coming off the best season of his career and in his prime. Even with sub-par handling and rebounding skills, teams that are looking for scoring punch from the perimeter should definitely keep an eye on Michael.

Estimated new salary: 70 million over 5 years


Hugo Gutierrez. Center. 7-0. 285 lbs. Age: 27

Gutierrez produces similar stats to center Hamilton Robins, but the latest tops him in every category whether it’s skills or athleticism. Still, in a league where quality big men are hard to find, look for Hugo to keep a spot in a starting unit for a few more years. And look for him to get too much money this summer for what he brings to the table.

Estimated new salary: 45 million over 5 years


High profile youngsters

Bennett Bangerter. Point Guard. 6-3. 190 lbs. Age: 22

Even at 22 years old, Bennett has already 2 solid seasons behind his belt as a pro. He showed that he can score around 15 points per game with the big boys while excelling at the free-throw line. This young guard is also a solid ball distributor dishing 5 assists per game. Even if he’s a subpar defender, he finds a way to get steals with pure instincts on the defensive ends. Cincinnati is a rebuilding team that will try to retain his services, but Bennett has already been vocal about playing for a winning franchise right away. Also, let’s mention that his house is already for sale in Cincy.

Estimated new salary: 85 million over 5 years


JoJo Edwards. Power Forward. 6-7. 230 lbs. Age: 22

A former 4th pick in the 2017 draft, JoJo has bounced around from a team to another so much it’s hard to keep track of. After earning the most improved player trophy last season, it looks like Edwards could hit the jackpot for his next contract, maybe get even close to max contract money. He is a very efficient scorer who can rebound the ball well. He also possesses versatile skills that allow him to play both the small forward and power position.

Estimated new salary: 70 million over 5 years


Latrell McDyess. Point Guard. 6-5. 218 lbs. Age: 25

Surrounded by better scorers last season in Toronto, Latrell did showcase some nice passing distribution averaging 7.3 assist per game while playing only 27 minutes. He is ranked 2nd in the league for his assist/to ratio, only behind the legendary Jervan Timmons. McDyess also is a sharp perimeter defender. But there is one downside to his game… he can’t shoot. A career 37% from the field and 27% from the downtown. A few teams, like Colorado and Sydney, are in great need of a true point guard. Latrell could be the right man for the job.

Estimated new salary: 65 million over 5 years


Severino Moscoso. Power Forward. 6-8. 241 lbs. Age: 23

Moscoso is still kind of an enigma. He was drafted #6 in the second round 2 years ago more as a project. He didn’t play much in his first year but really blossomed in the D-League in his second season with the Springfield Savage. He earned multiple honors along the way, even the D-League most improved player. Having sharpened his skills, this Spaniard could be ready to make the jump to the pro league, where he could become a superb role player and even a very solid starter. As mentioned before, quality big men are a rarity so Severino should cash in this summer because of that.

Estimated new salary: 45 million over 5 years


Milton Michaels. Power Forward. 6-10. 269 lbs. Age: 22

Milton showed nice progress last season, averaging 15 points and 6 rebounds on 53% shooting. He’s also a great free throw shooter for a big, nailing 91% of his 4 attempts per game. He could even become an elite rebounder if he reaches his potential. But this guy has atrocious handling and passing skills. And don’t expect him to guard Bigs who can shoot from the outside.

Estimated new salary: 45 million over 5 years


Meechy Jennings. Small Forward. 6-8. 234 lbs. Age: 23

Jenning has been on the trade block for a year now without getting any serious suitors for him. Now that he’s a free agent, interest in the young Bayou Academy product should increase drastically. Jennings scored 18 points per game last season on 51% shooting, but his lack of 3pts shooting prevents him from being a dangerous scorer from all over the floor. He’s also a poor passer and ballhandler, qualities that are very useful for playing the small forward position. Having express no desire to stay in Arizona or to play for a contender, expect Meechy to sign the biggest contract offer, even if it’s from a team at the bottom of the standings.

Estimated new salary: 45 million over 5 years


Amaury de Schutter. Shooting Guard. 6-6. 229 lbs. Age: 23

Things did not go as plan for this former 1st pick in the 2017 draft. Even if he was given all the playing time necessary to develop his skills, Amaury seems to already have reached his peak as a pro basketball player. Since he doesn’t excel in any particular area, I think that his days as a starter in the WBA are numbered. I expect Amaury to stay in Sydney for a cheap contract where he could be used as a backup.

Estimated new salary: 25 million over 5 years


Experience is required


Trevor Tomlin. Point Guard. 6-2. 199 lbs. Age: 30

Being one of the 5 point guards in the top 20 of this year’s free-agent class, Trevor should get much attention this summer. And with good reasons. He’s ranked 2nd in the league in assist per game (11 assists) and 11thin steals (2.3). Trevor brings to the table lots of experience which he acquired by playing for many different squads over his 8 years in the WBA. He was a key contributor in the Warriors getting the 4th place in the USA Conference last season. Look for Trevor to get a massive payday soon.

Estimated new salary: 75 million over 4 years


Omar Jefferson. Point Guard. 6-5. 233 lbs. Age: 33

After signing that gigantic contract of 115 million 2 years ago, Omar career took a different path. He sure experienced some glorious years in Brooklyn, but then he was traded to Kansas City and paired with Jeremy Sims. Without adequate role players, this experience was not a success, and that huge contract became a burden for the franchise and Omar himself. With the Blues dispersal this off-season, Omar gets a second chance to join a team with title aspiration. Rumors are swirling around that Jefferson is going back home to Brooklyn. But maybe some other contenders could offer a little more to sign Omar and his championship pedigree.

Estimated new salary: 30 million over 2 years


Abdiel Gordon. Power Forward. 6-10. 264 lbs. Age: 33

This future hall of fame needs no introduction. After spending his first 11 seasons in Capetown, Abdiel was traded to Gabon last season in a blockbuster deal. He did adapt very well to his new home, posting stellar numbers across the board and helping the Giants win many games and get back in the playoffs. A true competitor, Gordon doesn’t show much sign of slowing down, even at age 33. The only thing missing for him is a championship, so expect Gordon to sign with a team that has a chance to win it all.

Estimated new salary: 25 million over 2 years


Pat London. Small Forward. 6-6. 224 lbs. Age: 30

Pat lost some of his athleticism, but he can still flat out ball. He remains a superior perimeter defender and can still dial it from long range. Last season he shoot 50% from 3pt range, the best percentage of his career. With his high basketball IQ and a great personality, Pat deserves to join a winning franchise once again to have one more shot at a championship.

Estimated new salary: 21 million over 3 years


Jay Dickinson. Small Forward. 6-6. 215 lbs. Age: 33

The 13-year veteran was still able to score 20 points per game while contributing in many other categories. He did it for a depleted New York team that could use all the help that he was giving them. While the Firestorm have retooled their squad nicely thus far in this preseason, Jay is expected to resign with the Firestorm where he will be surrounded by much more firepower this time.

Estimated new salary: 20 million over 2 years


Justice Grant. Center. 7-3. 305 lbs. Age: 31

Justice will bring you consistency. Over the last 5 seasons or so, he produced around 10 points, 8 rebounds, and 1 block. Grant is a strong defensive presence, but his conditioning and stamina have reached a point where he might be better suited as a backup role.

Estimated new salary: 15 million over 2 years


Napoleon Carter. Point Guard. 6-0. 208 lbs. Age: 30

Flashy and explosive, the General saw his game take a step back last season. He posted his worst career field goal % and saw his points per game dropped from 23 to 13. Carter can still distribute the ball and create some offense, but you have to wonder if he can still lead a team efficiency considering his shooting woes.

Estimated new salary: 15 million over 2 years


Top 20 free agent summary


  1. Jervan Timmons
  2. Frank Mathieu
  3. Hamilton Robins
  4. Vitor Morales
  5. Bennett Bangerter
  6. Trevor Tomlin
  7. Michael Kramer
  8. JoJo Edwards
  9. Latrell McDyess
  10. Severino Moscoso
  11. Milton Michaels
  12. Hugo Gutierrez
  13. Meechy Jennings
  14. Omar Jefferson
  15. Abdiel Gordon
  16. Amaury De Schutter
  17. Pat London
  18. Jay Dickinson
  19. Justice Grant
  20. Napoleon Carter


Good luck to all general managers!


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