IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Following many rumours, WBA lawyers have filed a lawsuit against Marvel and Disney with an accusation of plagiarism.In the documentation provided, the league’s legal team affirms that the character known as Thanos in the MCU films is suspiciously inspired by events in the life of the league’s commissioner, Rondall Reynoso. 

To support the plagiarism claims, some experts have meticulously compared excerpts from the MCU movies, highlighting instances of near-identical phrasing and behaviour between Mr Reynoso and Thanos character. Additionally, the similarities extend beyond isolated incidents, suggesting a pattern of substantial replication. Several passages appear to be lifted directly from the mails Mr Reynoso sent to the league general managers, raising concerns about the extent of the alleged plagiarism. 

Tobbías Cotorro, a private investigator who was appointed by the league to investigate some fake merchandising issues was watching Avenger: Infinity War with his kids and he had an idea:”I was feeling uncomfortable while watching the movie and i didn’t know why,I had  a deja vu feeling if you want, that comes to mind the moment Thanos snaps his fingers, but i could not address it. Then i started to make some research around the league and it exploded…Thanos character was based in WBA commissioner Rondall Reynoso who some years before the move snapped his fingers and the league vanished for 10 years. Also GM Reynoso was creating havoc in the league and he was, well, you know inevitable”. Could citizen Reynoso defeat Marvel for that obvious plagiarism? Now we know the answer, he can and he will. 

Addressed about it, veteran gm Marc Hameleers was open about his feelings about the matter: “Well, Thanos devastated life in Earth for five years, but commissioner Reynoso halted the league for 10 whole years. We hated him twice as much as Thanos, i would say”. 

Some other GMs like Justin Lawrence don’t see the situation as big of a deal: “Know what? Finally, the league emerged from its ashes, some GMs were gone forever, some of them lost their mind (yes, im talking about Pablo) but we are still there so, who cares about Marvel?” 

At this point, the league offices are watching every single movie in the MCU so find more similarities. The accusations could go further. An anonymous source has stated that the idea of ​​the multiverse has been inspired by the experiences of Kelley Avery, the general manager who lived in 4 different universes in each of which led a different team. A trade between teams controlled by Mr Avery would be the primary idea of ​​the three spiderman in No Way Home.

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