Free agency is coming and we are prepared to tell how each team faces this important moment of the season. Like every year, some big names can explore the market and some teams have set aside money to be big players in the market.



  1. New York Firestorm (11 contracts, estimated cap room: 43.7 M)

It’s going to be a very interesting moment for this franchise as it seeks to return to the league’s elite. The best news is that they are going to be an attractive team that has played playoffs (sort of) this season and that they only have to renew young PG Latrell McDyess. The Fie (11 contracts, estimated cap room: 42.3 M)restorm’s biggest need is near the rim, so it is very likely that they will concentrate their efforts on interior players

  1. Las Vegas Gamblers (9 contracts, estimated cap room: 34.5 M)

Once the Gamblers have given up on Ajan Estay’s last year, they are in a position to try to improve a team full of needs. In fact, one might think that the only usable player the team has is Etienne Malfait, thereby improving the roster. seem like an esay task

  1. Albacete Burning Hell (5 contracts, estimated cap room: 29,8 M)

Albacete’s roster is a blank canvas. Only Lazaro Hendricks and Edgardo Blanco are under contract and we have to add up to 3 picks that could be in the top 5, so the options are very open. The team maintains the Bird rights of Tony Henderson, but before spending their salary limit on him, they will probably try to go for one of the stars that are going to test the market, there is also the option of transferring one of the picks for an established player in the league. In any case, the Burning Hell will have to take care of its budget, as a drastic reduction is expected after the disastrous 2023 season

  1. Salt Lake City Fanatics (8 contracts, estimated cap room: 27.2 M)

The Fanatics traded their draft rights basically for Les Mas and now with Mask and DesChamps approaching their prime, the team needs one more star they can trust with their perimeter play. With Juju still unreliable to lead the team, let’s not be surprised if the Fanatics put all their effort into landing a point guard.

  1. Los Angeles Gargoyles (9 contracts, estimated cap room: 22 M)

The Gargoyles were one of the teams that played the best during the free agent period. This season, with LaSean Allen and Claude Weidner already leading the team, they have money to attract a third star or sign back Richie Reddy. Plus the addition of the 2nd  pick of the draft always helps. One of the hidden stories of this draft will be whether Los Angeles saves money for a possible extension of the young phenomenon Demetrio Hidalgo, one of the young players in the league with the greatest potential.



  1. Atlanta Bloods (8 contracts, estimated cap room: 18.5 M)

The information about the Atlanta cap room is very confusing. Of course, they have the money to sign a star, but things get complicated if we put into the equation that Jeremy Sims and Herve Bourgois must be signed, which would end any chance of having an impact in the free agency. But then things get interesting…Sherman Mahara had a team option of 22 M, which could have taken the Bloods’ cap room above 40 M

  1. Capetown Zulus (12 contracts, estimated cap room: 17,1 M)

The Zulus already made their main move in the middle of the season with the acquisition of Heinrich Rarich and Gabriel Leclerc, now their only concern would be signing Klaas Binsenshaum to a long contract. Although he is already 26 years old, most analysts believe that his explosion is yet to come.

  1. Toronto Dinos (12 contracts, estimated cap room: 18,4 M)

Toronto is a team that needs to completely change. Once Damien Bohm has finished his contract, the Dinos’ best player is Frank Matthieu and that is not good news. The only interesting player to retain is Alejandro Saavedra, but it seems difficult for him to lead the project. The 18 million available does not seem like enough to fix everything that is wrong with this team, but at least the Dinos will have a pick in the top 3 to try to get a differential star.

  1. Chicago Hitmen (13 contracts, estimated cap room: 12,6 M)

The Hitmen don’t have much room to improve this season. They are a team in great need of a playmaker, so re-signing Jarred Torrey is a priority. We must remember the seventh pick in the draft should be used on a big man. Fortunately there are a couple of centers ready to play from the first game. They have to take care of their budget since they are slightly 14 M under the limit

  1. Miami Xtreme (9 contracts, estimated cap room: 13,6 M)

Timmons and Lamerand have been enough to reach the conference finals. Can they add some more talent?. Not too sure about it. 13 M is not enough to fight for a top talent but they could go after some veterans here. Venceslao Portocarreno will have an offer to come back for sure, and Brent Bangerter will use all the juice Jervan Timmons has left.

  1. Colorado Pioneers (12 contracts, estimated cap room: 13,4 M)

Darond Lyons is a free agent and now, thanks to the great work of GM Alcaraz, Colorado has rebuilt with some young talent. Durrant and Jojo Edwards are back with the team and Gert Kain will keep patrolling the zone. With a 10th pickthey will look to add a shooting guard for sure as the have no one to play there. We can’t rule out a reunion with Lyons late in the free agency when they have used the whole cap room

  1. Edmonton Esquimos (9 contracts, estimated cap room: 11,2 M)

The Esquimos have a real good foundation. Piavet, Kenyatta, Avery…they are great players and this team has a chance to advance in the playoffs if they find a starting player at small forward. Fortunately they will have just over 11 million at their disposal to surpass the teams that offer the mid level exception. Players like Lonny Jordan could be the missing piece for this franchise



  1. Gabon Giants (6 contracts, estimated cap room: Mid level)

Here goes the runner up with an interesting offseason ahead. First of all there are rumors that They are trying to trade into the top 3 in the draft. They are actually paying three max contracts, and Kelley Brandon will definitely asking for one more too. Then, super scorer Urban Navratil has to choose between greener pastures or playing third fiddler in a winning franchise. How Giants GM manages his budget will be a great story and one of the reasons why Fulgencio Lurdes could be in his way out.

  1. Frankfurt Fury (13 contracts, estimated cap room: Mid level)

The Fury have managed to have good players at every position on the court. With 13 guaranteed contracts and only exceptions to spend, re-signing Omar Raoumbe seems a clear option, so the mission will be to use the mid level exception to get a player capable of challenging Asher Irving’s starting job. Either way, Frankfurt’s position is really good looking to the future

  1. Paris Honey Bees (12 contracts, estimated cap room: mide level)

Paris’ postseason will be determined by the signing of Bobby Mason’s new contract. It seems like a simple operation, but if he chooses to lead another team, the Honey Bees are screwed. assuming he stays, the search with the mid level exception should focus on finding a forward capable of contributing while eusebio Blow finishes molding his game

  1. Brooklyn Rage (8 contracts, estimated cap room: mid level)

Is it the end of the most dominant franchise in history? GM Reynoso has a postseason to decide if he will remain faithful to the players who have led him to so many successes or start looking for players to rebuild…we all know the answer from the moment that Reynoso did not use Mario Bailey’s team option, which At 34 years old he will earn $34 million, eliminating any option to pursue significant free agents. Thus, breaking the bank to renew Jarius Miles and Tirys Mayes is something we will see with complete certainty

  1. Milan Mayhem (13 contracts, estimated cap room: mid level)

Milan will not be very busy this period. His main task would be to renew Albretch Herzig and once achieved, get some depth in the forward positions with his salary exceptions

  1. London Badgers (9 contracts, estimated cap room: mid level)

Massive offseason for London…and no one running the show at the moment. Da Gama is testing the free agency and he will get the max no matter where. He will receive a maximum offer from every team with enough cap room for sure. Then Victorino Pinelo will ask for his money too, after that, London could have no room in their budget to offer the full mid level exception.

  1. Boston Massacre (11 contracts, estimated cap room: mid level)

And suddenly the ground shook under Quentin Lawrence’s feet. In a totally unexpected decision, Alston Irving decided to execute the clause that released him from his contract with Boston. Since that moment, Irving is the most wanted player along with Dagama in the league. If Boston can convince Irving to continue leading the team, then they should use the mid level exception to find a decent center.

  1. California Fighting Cocks (8 contracts, estimated cap room: mid level)

The WBA champion will have a busy offseason. Some key players have finished their contract and are already old. Kurt Beck and Marc White have been key players for the Fighting Cocks. Every key player will be over 30 years old so getting some youth with the midlevel exception is the best option

  1. Barcelona Counts (11 contracts, estimated cap room: mid level)

Barcelona is too good to choose to rebuild with the draft and too bad to compete for the title. Furthermore, the Counts have one of the largest payrolls in the league, so the only possibility is to use the mid level exception wisely. The only correct decision is to find a starting power forward, since they are paying a maximum contract in each of the other four positions



  1. Shanghai Pandas (12 contracts, 12 M under the budget)

Shanghai is lucky they don’t have any player to resign because they are really close to exceed their budget. They can offer the full mid level exception, but they should monitor the situation carefully

  1. Cancun Outlaws (13 contracts, 13,8 M under the budget)

Just like Shanghai, Pat Fallum has his team close to exceeding the budget. At least they dont need to sign anyone to start the season…but a decent point guard with the midlevel would help a lot

  1. Arizona Dragons(13 contracts, 11 M under the budget)

The team with the most troubles is Arizona. With just 11 M, they really need to extend Jarius Sullivan, we should expect Arizona to make some moves to accommodate some contracts.

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