2019 WBA Playoff first round predictions

by Timmy Frenchy World Conference It was an interesting playoffs race in the World Conference as the first 4 teams were battling for the top spot until the last few days of the regular season. Last 4 positions were also decided in the last week of play. Get ready for a closely contested first round […]

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Previewing the Playoffs- Round 1

By Ron Chambers World Cancun (59-21) vs. Mexico City (42-38) The Outlaws are a beast of a team! A lot of observers thought they were really going to falter after Clement Trentesols got injured but they kept steaming ahead. They are a great defensive team and I don’t see Mexico City as being able to […]

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By Aitor Tilla Brooklyn Rage: The Rage is dominating the league with an iron fist, winning 4 of the last 5 championships. But Rondall’s core is aging and they pay the astonishing quantity of 123 million in player salaries. Omar Jefferson is the oldest player and his contract runs for 4 more seasons, when his […]

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